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Social Tipster

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Value Bet Hunter

The Value Bet Hunter is back for another year of insane betting profits Ken made £35,412 Profit In 2017 & he’s Still Goin Strong With £4,869 in his betting accounts In from January 2018 until today.

He’s made 100 slots available to the general public

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One huge advantage to my method is that any winner will feel like a winner, it will guarantee profit for that day of betting. No more landing 2 winners on a day and still ending up worse than when you started it.

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– To bet at £50 per point you would only need a £1,500 total bank or £3,000 to bet at £100 per point.

– A lot of services I see, recommend a £1,000 or £1,500 bank to bet at £10 per point.

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Reliable Rich

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Betting Brothers

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One Pound Blueprint

If you’ve got 5 minutes Kevin Carr is willing to show you how he went from £1 to £12,938.77 betting with single £1 bets.

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