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Fortune Bets

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Journo's List

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Winstanley Racing

Whether it’s a flutter at Ffos Llas. or a punt at Punchestown, you’ll want to make your betting as profitable as possible.

Dave Winstanleys tried-and-tested betting system is currently bringing consistent profits month-on-month, so I thought you might want to know more about it.

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Dave Winstanleys do all the hard work for you, choosing the most profitable selections for you, and delivering them to your email inbox six days a week, by 11.00am – that’s 316 days of tips a year.

Each selection is a simple back to win bet, requiring 1pt based on the Betfair Starting Price (BSP). You can use any bookmaker you like but I find BSP has the best returns for my selections.

You simply choose the 1pt value you’re comfortable with, and place your bets!
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Elite Bets

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Racing Wins

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Second Income Bets

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Low Risk Profit

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