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Inside Bets

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Golden Goal Profits – Discover how to turn £10 into £50 every weekend.

Golden Goal Profits


Hi – James Penney here, I’m guessing you are here because you know people are making a killing from backing the football but you’re not quite there just yet. Its ok. You’ve landed in just the right stop at just the right time.

First off you’ve made a great choice signing up to my £10 to £50 weekend service. I’m currently on a 6 week winning steak so look out for the first bet in that little sequence.

Do you want to know why a lot of people don’t make a profit from their football betting?

They want too much, too quick.

If you are consistently been advised accumulators with more than 4 games in them then the chances are that 1 leg will always let you down, and to be fair you can probably pick 4-5 teams yourself that have just as good a chance of winning.

Other tipsters look for “value” in their bets.

Football is NOT a value bet, end of.

They will pick an outcome with the mentality of “its football, it could happen”. But most of the time it doesn’t and you will lose money.

That’s whats not to do, here’s what I can do for you…

So what can I do for you and your bank?

Well if you give me some time, I can increase it, I am 100% sure of that.

If you decide to join my service I will offer a full 100% money back guarantee. If I haven’t increased your bank by the end of your subscription, you get your fee back in full, no questions asked.

I operate a daily service which has 1-2 bets during the week and 5-6 bets over the weekend.

Expect a high strike rate of wins across various different markets.

Here’s what you will get access to my…

Double Chance NO LOSE Tips
Games with Goals Tips
45/90 Predictions
Anytime Score Tips

Using these 4 approaches has allowed me to make winning selections 73% of the time since the start of the season. All 4 approaches are not used all the time but the shortlists are made and the bets most likely to win are provided.

This uses a system or ratings I have developed over the last few seasons to remove some of the risk out of the betting and also stops us betting too much.

A few well thought out picks will always beat the “back it and hope” approach that a lot of tipsters use who pick 5-6 picks per day.

How much have I made this year?

So far its just over £9,720 to £100 bets.

That’s 97.2pts profit from August this year.

Do I bet every day?

Most days yes, however there will be days that are quiet and none of my methods produce solid bets so in those cases we will have a few no bet days.

What leagues do I bet on?

I bet on them all, from all over the world but 90% of my bets are based on the English Leagues and predominantly the Premier League.

How much is this going to cost?

First off, I want to prove to you I know what I can do so I want to offer a trial.

This will take place from now up until the end of the year.

Depending on when you join, this should give you about 40-45 days access and you can get started by clicking Join Now for only £20

I look to make an average of 1pt profit per day, so you should expect in the region of 35-50pts profit over the trial period.

To small £10 bets thats £350-£500 profit, for a small £20 fee.

This £20 fee will basically cover my costs and will be available to the first 50 members only. (If you would like to join for the full season you can below).

Click JOIN NOW to get today’s selections and every selection from all of my services for £20

Racing Wins – Forget Losing! Learn How to Turn £10 into £1649 or Even £100 into £16,490.

Racing Wins

Finally! A Tipster that Makes Huge Profits with Low Risk – Only Takes 5 Minutes! Works for ANYONE. Even if you’re 100% New to Horse Racing.

Racing Wins Gives You:

– Up to £5962 a month in Profit!
– A Return on Investment of 36.7%!!
– Winners as high as 20/1!!
– No Losing Months!

Make Easy Profits with these 3 Steps:
– Check Tips Email
– Place Bets
– Withdraw Cash

By choosing Racing Wins you’ll get:

– Huge Returns
Up to £5962 a Month. With a HUGE ROI of 36.69% across all bets.

– No Long Losing Runs!
The Nap strike rate is 48.5%. Expect to win frequently.

– Easy to Follow
Simply follow the emails sent direct to your inbox.

– 100% Proven to Work
With over 360 bets fully tested, we know our 4 bet method will work for you.

– Great Odds
We back at a range of odds including a daily outsider for huge returns up to 20/1

– Start Small, Win Big
With just a £5 start you can clear £800, or with £50 you can make £8,000.

Kelly’s Inner Circle – Discover how to make up to £3,000+ PER WEEK.

Kelly’s Inner Circle

Have you heard about Kelly Rooney and her Inner Circle?

She’s just opened the doors to new members and given her strike rate this season, you should jump at the chance of getting on the inside.

The Premier League has kicked off with a bang and the tips inside the Inner Circle have bagged us an enormous £75k in the first month!

Kelly’s Footie Inner Circle is a new service run by football expert Kelly Rooney who has the inside knowledge on the world of football from her previous role at a top Premier League Club.

This week Kelly brings us tips from The Premier League, La Liga, The Champions League and the Europa League amongst many many others!

There’s even some great international punts for mid week!

Grab your exclusive membership NOW at the discounted price.

You can either get started with a trial or go ALL IN For a full years membership at a ridiculously low price of £99.99, which is what I have opted for.

The prices displayed on the page won’t be around forever so jump in right now before the membership prices shoot up!

Good luck, and remember those elite european bets, they’re always worth a shot given Kelly’s strike rate.

Profit Multiplier – Learn how to make £8,935.70 profit in just one month!

Profit Multiplier

It’s not often a pro punter like this reveals anything about his methods, let alone a full documented insight into every single one of his winning bets over the last 547 consecutive days.

The savvy punters amongst you will know how important it is to have results that show your service works. You can see every minor detail imaginable right now.

Compare The Tipster – Discover how to make £1,500 THIS WEEK with This Amazing Betting System

Compare The Tipster

This award winning service is like nothing you’ve seen before. Their Three-Tier Comparison System compares tips from HUNDREDS of reputable UK tipsters, bringing you only the very best selections each morning.

Thanks to their one-of-a-kind system, their tips have a strike rate of over 75%!

Making thousands of pounds daily is as easy as making a cup of tea – And you can have your bets placed before the kettle’s boiled!

That’s because ALL of the hardwork is done at our end. Once our daily selections have been verified and confirmed by our three-tier system, they’re sent straight to your email inbox so you can place your bets right away!
– We receive early selections from pro tipsters
– Selections are processed through our three-tier comparison system
– Verified selections are sent directly to your inbox
– You place your bets for the win
– You collect your winnings!

Existing members each made £80,000 – £100,000 in the past 12 months.

You don’t want to miss this.

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Close Betting – £527.13 In Just One Week, This is a Must See!

Close Betting

After years of trying, I have finally been given access to Close Betting, and I can take 30 people on the journey with me….

I thought of you straight away, I know you like a flutter like me, and after some fantastic results this weekend we are +£527.17 already!

It is even better over the past six months, Richard has averaged 36.92 points profit per month from his betting, which is all to level 1pt stakes.

MY connections have finally allowed me to strike gold. I was told about Richard Close over a year ago, but only now has he decided to let his information out and make it available to a select group of people.

Don’t think that this will be complicated, and too much to handle, the system is as simple as it could be, anyone has the ability to use this.

There are 3 simple steps to follow, that all of us are capable of doing, especially the final step.

– Open your email

– Place your bets

– Collect your winnings

I did say it was simple!

I hope you take advantage and get one of the places available, I would hate to see you left behind. With a huge win on Saturday, I’m guessing that in just a few days Richard will close this to the public.

Cash Cow Racing – Discover how to make £64.23 Profit Per Day!

Cash Cow Racing

Would you like a tip of the day from a tipster who has averaged £64.23 profit per day for the last 60 days?

Thats a total haul of £3,852.80.

If you want a his favourite tip of the day each day for free then just sign up here:

The Festival Value Service – A Horse Racing Tipping Service Focussing On Value Selections For The Big Horse Racing Festivals In The Uk.

The Festival Value Service

Discover how 8 minutes a day can ‘earn’ you £6,604 a year from the very best televised racing even if you don’t know which end of a horse the hay goes in…

The Festival Value Service:

1) The Service is focused solely on racing at the big UK festivals

2) The selections are made using a variety of “value” finding methods

3) I like the name of something to tell me exactly what it is!

What do you actually get as a member of The Festival Value Service?

– A horse racing selection service concentrating solely on the cream of UK horse racing.

– Proven, profitable selections delivered straight to your inbox in plenty of time to get your bets on.

– A selections ‘back-up’ page on the members-only website

– Detailed advice as to what price to take and with which bookmaker.

– Bets concentrated on just a few meetings each year – the very best of racing in the UK.

Join The Festival Value Service today and enjoy a stable income for life.

True Flip is the international anonymous blockchain lottery with one-moment payouts, open source code, and transparent prize fund.

True Flip

Players will need to guess 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 number from 1 to 26.

The lottery is based on the principle of PowerBall, but True Flip have significantly incry winning possibility by means of reduction of the total quantity of numbers from 69 to 49, which gives about 1.3 times more chances to win than the PowerBall does.

The lottery ticket is valued at 0.001 Bitcoin price , that seems quite reasonable .

Above all they are offering free ticket on new sign ups and the ticket is eligible for a jackpot draw as well .

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