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Irish Tipping – £23,800 Profit in 2016 Betting Everywhere from Ballinrobe to Wexford.

Irish Tipping

If you want to start adding profit to your bottom line then you should start looking at the Irish Racing.

There is no better tipster to follow when it comes to all 26 Irish Courses than Kieran O’Shea.

In the last year Kieran has bet at all 26 courses over the narrow sea and pulled in 476pts profit.

£50 wagers per horse with the odd double down and that total has hit £23,800 in pure profit.

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AnyOtherWin – 85% Win Rate. Make profit from Your football trading!

Any Other Win

We have devoleped an unique way to trade the correct score market in football games.

It`s a low risk strategy, and we made profit in 85% of our trades in 2016!

Follow our easy step by step manual.

We tell you exactely what to do no matter what happens in the given game.

​- If you wait for a goal, and it doesn`t come, we will tell you what to do

– If you don`t want a goal, and it comes anyway, we tell you what to do.

​- 85 % of our selections in 2016 made profit.

​- You will recieve selections on email.

When you feel comfortable With this easy Method, you can start to trade a litle bit more agressively to increase your profit. We explain exactly how to do that too.

AnyOtherWin can easely be traded on Your Smartphone. You can trade wherever you are, there`s no need to be sitting in front of Your pc.

​Just wait for the signal on Your phone, and take the action you learned in the manual.

Jim Football – £31,300 profit this season (so far)

Jim Football

Have you heard of James “Jim Football” Tomlin’s offer?

He’s allowing 100 people access to his service for the final 10 games of the season.

So far he has banked £31,300 profit to £50 bets.

That’s 626pts profit as of last weekend.

His target it to make 1,000pts profit this season so he has 374pts to go.

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Raid The Bookies – With These Tips You Can Make More Than £17,500 EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

Raid The Bookies

Follow this fool proof tips and win £4,000 this week!

Ex-bookie Paul Jenkins is giving you the chance to raid the bookies.

This former bookie is fighting back against the corrupt system and sharing all of his insider knowledge with YOU!

If you’ve been struggling with dodgy betting software or useless race tips then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Having been the manager of a bookies for more than 12 years he knows this game better than anyone else. He knows the horses, he knows the jockeys and he knows which races are fixed!

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Football Value Tips – Football Expert Destroys the Bookies With Value Odds Tips That Make up to £5,867 a Month!!

Football Value Tips

Now You Too Can Make Effortless Profits. Only Takes 5 Minutes a week!!

Football Value Tips  Gives You:
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Football Value Tips, a Service that Makes YOU a Profit, not Your Bookie.

This service focuses on making a profit on favourites and is tried and tested and proven to profit.

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Sports Trading Exposed – How To Make £3,700 In Just One day! In-depth Online Sports Trading Guide Ever Written For Beginners And Experienced Traders.

Sports Trading Exposed

Sports Trading Exposed fully explains the theory behind trading on Betfair and gives you the inside baseball on the techniques, tips and tricks Tomas personally used to grow his initial bank of only £25 to £250,000! And to make £3,700 in just one day!

Some of the information covered in the book:
– Comprehensive list & explanations of all sports trading terminology
– Wide range of techniques for beating the market & achieving higher gains
– Insider tips & tricks for increasing your odds of winning
– Time-proven methods for identifying & capitalizing on trends
– Hidden pitfalls of “crowd think” and using it to your advantage
– 3rd party software – how it works & how to unlock its full potential
– Psychology and its affect on trading

Sports trading is fast and furious. You have to think and act quickly to keep up. The use of 3rd party software helps to make trading more manageable by keeping you quick and nimble, but the learning curve is steep.

In Sports Trading Exposed, Tomas helps you quickly take advantage of the full potential of 3rd party software. He provides an intensive overview of its features, how they work, and how they can be used to substantially reduce your risk and increase your earnings. He even gives you his personal settings for the software to get you up and running in no time.

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Pony Profits

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Roulette Bot

What is is a browser based Roulette auto trader that places bets direct to your linked online casino.

How do I track my bet history?

You track your betting history in the robot via the “betting history” in your link casino account. Login to your casino with your robot account details (they mirror) and go to the betting history.

How much does RouletteBot cost to join? is free to join. Of course you will need a real money account in your linked casino account for the software to place bets.

Does work with Tablets and Mobiles?


Does Roulette Bot work whilst i’m offline?

No. You must have an active internet connection and your web browser open for the robot to work.
Casino Questions

How do I choose a casino?

On the signup form you must choose one of the compatible online casinos.

What is an online casino?

An online casino is a company that owns and operates a web-based casino platform where anyone can place bets on various casino games like Roulette.

Can I use my existing broker account with

No. Only new email accounts made via are eligible.

How do I begin automated betting?

Fill out the signup form. Next step is to deposit in your linked online casino. Last step is to activate the “START” strategy button.

How do I change or configure my robot settings?

Click the “Settings” button in the top right roulette box. From there you can adjust the following:

– Bet Type: Black/Red, Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36, ROW1/ROW2/ROW3, DOZ1/DOZ2/DOZ3, Numbers
– Strategy: Classic, Martingale, Super Martingale, Fibonacci & Custom
– Initial Bet Size: €1-€1000

What is the recommended deposit amount?

We recommend at least €100 – €1000 however you can start with any minimum amount set by your chosen casino.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit in a compatible online casino?

Minimum deposit starts from €100

How do I withdraw my profits and balance?

You can withdraw at any stage by clicking the “Withdraw” button within the Robot Betting Platform. From there you will be taken to your linked casino account withdrawal page. Follow the withdrawal instructions from there.

Footie Away Days – COPY THE WINNING Tips That Have Generated At Least £1,302.97 In Pure Profit EVERY WEEK!

Footie Away Days

Have you heard about Footie Away Days?

Footie Away Days is a new service run by football expert Barry Crouch who has the inside knowledge from working at some of the biggest and best football clubs around the globe.

This week Barry brings us tips from The Premier League, La Liga, The Champions League and the Europa League amongst many many others!

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