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Download the Half Time Winners PDF That Tells You What Teams To Bet On In The Half Time Betting Market!

Half Time Winners

Today we are very proud to announce the release of FootyBetter’s Half Time Winners PDF – December 2016 edition.

What this is a fully researched and up to date list of teams from around the world that we recommend that you back to be in the lead at the end of the first half of the match.

This list comes in the form of a PDF and you can direct download it right here.

The list also contains a staking plan that you can use, so once you download it you can immediately embark on some betting in the half time market with confidence.

Coming in at a low low cost of just £12 this list really is a bargain and it will be a valuable addition to your punting portfolio.

For more information please visit the dedicated website here.

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Jackpot Jockey

Have you heard about the Jackpot Jockey?

Mike Stevenson has had ENOUGH of the horse racing industry and is sharing ALL of his insider secrets!

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Pegasus Bets

Have you heard about Pegasus Bets yet?

Martin Pegg is a former Executive from a well-known bookie.

He knows the industry inside-out and he’s revealing some shocking information on his site as well as launching his highly anticipated email tipping service.

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Pegasus Bets

Bet Master Hub – Profitabe Tips and Strategies For Horse Race Betting.

Bet Master Hub

“It takes Horse Race Betting to the next level”

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How does Bet Master Hub work?

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Horse Cash Builder is a low-risk strategy that shows long-term very profitable results.

Horse Cash Builder

From the official release at October 10th it has produced 176 profitable trades from 215 selections, an impressive strike rate of 82%.

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I’m guessing you’ve heard about Gareth Jones by now.

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