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Jockey Jewels

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Pro Race Consultants

Team of betting professionals travel the length and breadth of the UK to give you the most accurate trackside insights each morning.

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Football Betting Blueprints – Learn how to make £10,419 betting on football.

Football Betting Blueprints

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45 Min Profits – Win Over 50% of your bets in just 45 minutes or less! ODDS UP TO 15/1

45 Min Profits

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Odds up to 15/1 on the Football.

My name is Rich Johnson and I want to help you profit from your football betting.

You’ve already signed up for my Weekender Bet, this will be sent free each week to you. This is my punt at the weekend, always over 100/1 and goes with who I think will win in at least 10 games across the full weekend including multiple English Leagues and some European ones.

This is a great bet. You can place £1 on it and when it comes in take the family out free of charge, or maybe have a night out with the lads. If you’re feeling genrous maybe you could even treat the Mrs?

When it loses, no harm, we lost a quid. There’s a few of those down the side of the sofa in my house I know that.

If you want to go bigger on the bet, no problem, even a tenner can pay out over £1,700 like my last win this season. Thats not a small treat is it, thats a nice holiday!

Expect at least 3 or 4 of these to come in before the season is done.

Now that’s the problem with those bets.

We cannot rely on them coming in every week, it just doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, end of the year if we land only 1 we’re in profit.

But I like to win a bit more often than that.

What is why I have come up with 45 Minute Profits.


If you’ve bet on the football I guarantee its happened to you, an acca, a double or even a single bet has been spoilt with a 94th minute goal or something after the 90 minute mark.

Do you know when that doesn’t happen?

Just before the half.

The mentality isn’t there.

There’s still a full half to play.

No need to throw caution to the wind just yet.

No goal keeper, you stay in your own half!

There’s a few late goals of course but look at this…


What does this mean for your betting though?

What it does is it offers a more stable field of play where the unexpected is less likely to happen.

If the unexpected is less likely to happen then we can more accurately predict what is actually going to happen.

This is how I am able to be on the first half alone and win over 50% of my bets, with some bets being priced up to 15/1.

Now not all bets are priced like that, but I never suggest a bet under EVENS.

So as long as we don’t bet under EVENS and win 50% of the bets, then we are guaranteed profit, right?

That’s true.

But more often than not we are betting at odds way above EVENS which not only gives us a profit.

It has made me…


That’s a total of 78.25pts so far this season across the 7 weeks.

I only bet when there is a lot of football action, so only when the Premier League is in action.

Lets look at the cash value of this.

Say if you put £1 per bet on. That’s £11 profit per weekend and £78.25 so far this season after only 7 weeks.

But if you put £10 per bet on then that becomes £110 profit per weekend and £782.50 over the season so far.


I put £50 per bet on.


If you’re not making that kind of money from your betting on a regular basis then my tips can really help you out.

Here’s what I’m offering.

Sign up now and you’ll get not only this weekends bets, but the bets for the next 5 wekeends.

At my average profit thats well over 50pts profit.

So you can try out the tips, I’m going to price this 5 week trial at just £37

That means even if you just bet £1 per bet I suggest you can still make profit.

All you have to do is sign up before the weekend here:

Slow Horse Luke – Use This Method To Bet and Profit From Losers Daily With A Success Rate Of 91.3%

Slow Horse Luke

If I told you there was ONE CHANGE you could make to your betting RIGHT NOW that would instantly increase your profits and sky rocket your success rate instantly would you believe me?

Well this is exactly what I have started doing thanks to Luke Glover.

Luke’s advice….

“Stop trying to pick winners!”


Its hard, even harder to do consistently.

He gave me this example…

Imagine a 10 horse race. Now pick the winner, you have a 1 in 10 chance or doing it.

How about if you could make money by picking 1 horse that would lose?

9/10 or 90% chance of that happening.

Obviously its not just that simple but it makes you think doesn’t it.

Well Luke has been doing this a while now and has fine tuned this every method so we can make a full time living just betting on horses to lose.

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The Stable Guys

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