1 Pound Punt – A tax free profit of £3,418.32 all from small £1 bets.

1 Pound Punt

Stop Risking £1, 000’s to make £1,000’s

If you are fed up of needing a £1,000 betting bank with each new tipster you follow, only to make a few thousand more then YOU NEED TO READ THIS…

Harold was in the same boat and after wagering over £9,000 on bets in 2013 he decided to do his own thing.

Instead of starting with a £1,000 bank, he started with £100 and never added to it.

In fact, he’s done nothing but withdraw cash from his account on a regular basis.

In 2014 he pulled in a tax free profit of £3,418.32 all from small £1 bets.

He wagered a total of £784 through the entire year and one bet even pulled in £572.77

Yes, Over £570 PROFIT from a £1 bet.

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All Star Racing – You will discover how to make £7.3K per month betting on horses!

All Star Racing

Since we first turned on the Bot, it has made a staggering return:

-172 points profit on back to win
-243 points profit on each way
-693 points profit on lay

£243.27 a day

£7.3k a month

That’s an incredible £87.6k a year!

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Betting Samurai – You will discover how to make £4,729 per month betting on horses!

Betting Samurai

The system is a fool proof method using an advanced computer-generated algorithm devised from many months of processing historical race statistics.

Today the Betting Samurai system has been operational for just over 2 years now and it’s safe to say every member of our group is now well on their way to becoming a millionaire!

If You act now you will have an opportunity to claim one of 50 slots that are being made available here at Betting Samurai.

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The Daily Tip Off – Make an average 33.58 points profits per month!!!

The Daily Tip Off

Don’t Delay… The Daily Tip Off is officially LIVE!

Grab your copy …before someone beats you to it!

It only takes a quick glance at the video for you to see just how this service works.

Meaning £12k Monthly!!!

You’ll be provided with emails every day/evening for the days bets, along with your bonus material…

Grab a discount copy here right now …before it shoots up in price! You won’t get it this cheap come tomorrow for sure PLUS You’ll miss out on BONUSES if you don’t…

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Tom Nelson Racing – How you can Bet on Winners 43.27% of the Time!

Tom Nelson Racing

Behind this service is a guy who can hand pick winning back bets on the horse racing at a rate of 43.27%! Yes, I am not joking, a strike rate of 43.27% which has gone onto produce an average monthly profit of £620.63 and a total profit since July 2014 of £2,482.50…

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Profit On The Horses – Learn how to winning £486.40 in a month betting £20 per point!

Profit On The Horses

The real goal is to turn my £20 bets into £5,000 per year.
Which would mean hitting just over 20pts per month on average.
1 month down and 1 month of hitting this target!
Now, I want you to be able to profit from these selections too.

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Victor Value Racing – Profitable Horse Racing Tipster. £6,500 of clear profit in 2014!

Victor Value Racing

Victor is a professional horse racing tipster who has been making a full-time living betting on horses for over a decade.

You’re just seconds away from joining Victor and receiving professional tips straight into your inbox each day.

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