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Goal MethodSimple Goal Strategy To Ensure Profit On The Football

Hi there,

I’m Brian Holmes and I want to share with you a betting strategy that requires you only place 2 bets per week.

This is a very simple strategy based on the football action in the Premier League & Championship.

It only requires a 10pt betting bank and as I said, you only place 2 bets per week.

Even with small £10 bets I’ve manged to make over £460 profit in the first 3 weeks of the season.

The Strategy Is Based Around Goals

But you probably guessed that from the title of the site.

Now I’m not about to give away the strategy but its about a lot more than looking at how many goals a team have scored and conceded. This is obviously part of it, the easy part. You can easily see from the results and goal difference how many goals are scored in games involving 2 teams.

I’ve found that to be successful though, this is not enough, you need to dig further and that is what I do, I look at shots and chances created, but also blocked shots from the defence. All this information is tallied up at the end of the weekend for me to access when looking over the next fixtures.

And of course, I watch a lot of football, almost every live game. If there are 2 on at the same time, one is recorded to be watched later, highlight shows and other means of watching too 😉

There’s only so much the stats will cover but by watching the games you get a real feel for who’s going to be banging in the goals and just as important who’s going to be leaky at the back during the season.

Only One Result Missed!.

Over 1.5 Goal Selections have been perfect, 16/16 selctions, 4/4 bets. 100%
Over 2.5 Goal Selections have been pretty close, 15/16 selections, 3/4 bets. 75%


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